I’m 26 years old. I’m the youngest of four boys. I live at home with my mum. It is really embarrassing still living at home, but I did leave home when I was eighteen when I went to university to study art.

I went to Manchester. I couldn’t cope though. Everything went wrong. I got stressed out in the first term. I didn’t come home for Christmas and the next thing I knew police were breaking into my room. I got busted on drugs charges. I barricaded myself in my room because the drug dealer was after me – well not him personally but his gang. The next thing I knew I was in a psychiatric unit – God knows why! To this day, I’m convinced it was for political reasons. I started creating ideas for public art that one of my lecturers took photos of and sent them to the police. Manchester wasn’t ready for me. The police bugged my room when I came out of the hospital – I completely freaked out and came home. I only use the internet in the Public Library because my home computer is compromised. I only go out once a day at 2.30 in the afternoon. I’ve been followed a number of times and my phone has been bugged. I get State benefits but I’ve had an interview with their officers and they’re saying I can get a job – yeah right! As If! I would like to work and earn a living, but there’s no way I can when my life’s being threatened on a daily basis. I’m meant to see a psychiatrist once a month, but I don’t go –for obvious reasons! They’ve prescribed me legal drugs, but they’ve made me put on twelve kilos and dribble when I sleep. I take some when I can’t sleep, but generally they go down the toilet.

My dad left home when I was twelve. Went off with a woman at work. I’ve hardly seen him since – he’s a bastard. My mum’s ok but she’s a 24 hour a day worrier. Sometimes she does my head in. I smoke constantly – I don’t do drugs anymore – except an occasional joint. I don’t have any friends. I’d like a girlfriend but I don’t know how to get one.

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