Promotion and Prevention

Welcome to the materials on Mental health promotion and prevention! If you are using these materials for the first time, please read this first. When referring to these materials, please, use the information found here.

After engaging with these elearning materials you will:

  • have an understanding of the concept of wellness and how wellness strategies can promote mental health.
  • have an understanding of the impact of mental health on physical health.
  • identify strategies that can be utilised to improve physical health for people with a mental health problem.
  • identify components of successful mental health promotion programmes.

  • These materials are developed to Masters in mental health degree level. They can be used by teachers, students, practitioners, service users, family members or other interested parties.

  • It is expected that users of these materials will already have a basic understanding of wellness and wellness strategies. In addiiton, users should already have some knowledge about how mental health problems affect physical health and strategies to improve physical health for mental health service users. Users should also be familiar with mental health promotion and mental health promotion programmes.

In each of the materials you will find a detailed description of the learning objectives as well as references or further reading.

We hope that you find these materials enjoyable, easy to use and helpful to your practice!

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