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Understanding wellness and using wellness strategies: Doyle, L. 2016. Understanding wellness and using wellness strategies. Available in: ementhe.eu

The impact of mental health problems on physical health: Doyle, L., Keogh, B. & Higgins, A. 2016. How does mental illness impact on physical health. Available: ementhe.eu

Importance of physical health for mental health and the role of mental health nurses: Jormfeldt, H. 2016. Importance of physical health for mental health and the role of mental health nurses. Available: ementhe.eu

Undertaking mental health promotion and prevention programmes: Ellilä, H. & Lahti, M. 2016. How can nurses undertake wellness and mental health promotion programmes with their clients. Available: ementhe.eu

Navigating the Recovery and Social Inclusion theme: Higgins, A., Meade, O., Sitvast, J. &Stickley, T. 2016. Navigating the Recovery and Social Inclusion theme. Available in: ementhe.eu

Background research and definitions: Stickley, T. 2016. Background research and definitions Available in: ementhe.eu

Sexuality, intimacy and relationships: Higgins, A. & Gill. A. 2016. Sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Available in: emente.eu

Diagnosis, labelling and stigma: Meade, O.2016. Diagnosis, labelling and stigma. Available in: ementhe.eu

Risk and safety planning: Meade, O. & Grundy, A. 2016. Risk. Available in: ementhe.eu Delusions or reality?: Stickley, T. 2016. Delusions or reality. Available in: ementhe.eu

Hope and meaning giving: Sitvast, J. 2016. Hope and meaning giving. Available in: ementhe.eu

Narrative: Stickley, T. 2016. Narrative. Available in: ementhe.eu

Mental Health Problems and the Family

Mental Health Problems and the Family: Keogh, B. & Skärsäter, I. 2016. Mental Health Problems and the Family. Available: ementhe.eu

Being a child or teenager: Skärsäter,I. & Keogh, B. 2016. Being a child or teenager in a family that experiences mental distress. Available: ementhe.eu

Carer burden: Keogh, B. & Skärsäter,I. 2016. Carer burden, stress, coping and crisis. Available: ementhe.eu

Courtesy Stigma: Keogh, B. 2016. Courtesy Stigma. Available: ementhe.eu Working with families

Working with families

Conceptual understanding

Definitions of the Family: Kilkku, N. 2016. Definitions of the Family. Available: ementhe.eu

Family life-cycle: Kilkku, N. 2016. Family life-cycle. Available: ementhe.eu

Family Functions: Kilkku, N. 2016. Family Functions. Available: ementhe.eu

Theoretical background

Emotional Intelligence (EI): Skärsäter, I., Kilkku, N. & Keogh, B. 2016. Emotional Intelligence (EI). Available: ementhe.eu

Systems theory: Kilkku, N. 2016. Systems theory. Available: ementhe.eu

Open dialogue: Kilkku, N. 2016. Open dialogue. Available: ementhe.eu

Ethical and legal Issues: Keogh, B. & Kilkku, N.2016. Ethical Issues when working with the Family. Available: ementhe.eu

Spiritual Issues: Keogh, B. 2016. Spiritual Issues. Available: ementhe.eu

Interaction skills: Kilkku, N. & Skärsäter, I. 2016. Interaction skills. Available: ementhe.eu

Animations included in Interaction skills should be referred as: Moberg,H., Karjalainen, J., Varusk, I. & Kilkku, N. 2016. Available: ementhe.eu

Peer Support and NGOs: Keogh, B. 2016. Peer Support and Non-Governmental Organisations. Available: ementhe.eu

Social support: Skärsäter, I. 2016. Social support in families living with mental problems. Available: ementhe.eu

Professional Development: Keogh, B., Kilkku, N. & Skärsäter, I. 2016. Professional Development. Available: ementhe.eu*

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